British Columbia Native Plant List

British Columbia has a very diverse climate profile for plants. Therefore, not every plant listed will grow in all areas, soil types and conditions. Please research each plant to find the best ones suited to your local conditions, climate and soil type. Never collect plants from the wild and always purchase native plants from reputable sources.

There are a number of key plant species for hummingbirds in British Columbia that are important to note. Ribes (Currants) and Rubus (Raspberry) are both very important to hummingbirds on the coast and the lower mainland. These species tend to bloom early in the season, providing a source of nectar to early migrants and hummingbirds establishing territory. Penstemons are another very important plant and there are a number to choose from depending on your climate. Some prefer more moist areas of British Columbia, others prefer dry mountain slopes. While the Penstemons of British Columbia are not red, their tubular shape lends themselves to pollination by hummingbirds and are an important source of food for hummingbirds in the interior of British Columbia. Lastly, Castillegia is another alpine plant that is very important to hummingbirds. Unfortunately, this plant is very challenging to grow in the home garden as it requires a host grass from which Castillegia's roots affix to for important nutrients.

Beyond native plants of British Columbia, non native plants from other provinces or even parts of the United States grow reasonably well, even if they are only grown annually. Other Penstemons, Salvias, Lonicera and Campsis radicans are all very good plants to grow in British Columbia.

Notes: Bloom times in British Columbia vary considerably due to the significant differences in elevation and climate. Please investigate local bloom times if planning a sequential blooming garden.

Latin Name Common Name Flower Colour Bloom Time
Ipomopsis aggregata Scarlet Gila Red June-August
Latin Name Common Name Flower Colour Bloom Time
Allium cernuum Nodding onion Purple May-June
Aquilegia formosa Western Red Columbine Red/Orange/Yellow May-June
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Kinnikinnick Pink/white July-August
Astragalus canadensis Canada milk vetch White July-August
Castilleja elmeri Elmer's paintbrush Red July-August
Castilleja gracillima Slender paintbrush Red and yellow July-August
Castilleja hispida Harsh Indian paintbrush Orange/red July-August
Castilleja miniata Common red paintbrush Orange/red July-August
Castilleja raupii Raup's paintbrush Mauve June-July
Castilleja rhexiifolia Alpine paintbrush Purple June-July
Castilleja rupicola Cliff paintbrush Orange/red July-August
Dicentra formosa Western Bleeding Heart White/Pink May-June
Epilobium angustifolium Fireweed Purple June-July
Erythranthe alsinoides Wingstem Monkey Flower Yellow March-May
Erythronium oregonum White Fawn Lily White April
Lilium philadelphicum Wood Lily Red June-August
Linnaea borealis Twinflower White/Pink June-July
Lupinus arcticus Arctic Lupin Purple May
Lupinus polyphyllus Large-leaved Lupin Purple May-June
Mimulus lewisii Pink Monkey Flower Purple July-August
Nothochelone nemorosa Woodland Beard Tongue Purple June-July
Penstemon albertinus Alberta penstemon Blue June-July
Penstemon confertus Yellow penstemon Yellow June-July
Penstemon davidsonii Davidson's penstemon Purple/Lavender June-July
Penstemon ellipticus Oval-leaved penstemon Purple/Lavender June-July
Penstemon eriantherus Crested beard tongue Blue/Purple June-July
Penstemon fruticosus Shrubsby penstemon Blue/Lavender June-July
Penstemon gormanii Gorman's penstemon Pink/Blue June-July
Penstemon gracilis Slender penstemon Lilac June-July
Penstemon lyallii Lyal's penstemon Purple June-July
Penstemon nitidus Wax-leaved penstemon Violet June-July
Penstemon ovatus Broad-leaved penstemon Blue June-July
Penstemon procerus Small-flowered penstemon Blue June-July
Penstemon pruinosus Chelan penstemon Blue/Lilac May-June
Penstemon richardsonii Richardson's penstemon Rose Pink June-July
Penstemon serrulatus Coast penstemon Lilac/Light Purple June-August
Stachys cooleyae Cooley's Hedge Nettle Purple June-July
Latin Name Common Name Flower Colour Bloom Time
Holodiscus discolor Oceanspray White June-July
Lonicera involucrata Black Twinberry Yellow/Orange April-May
Oemleria cerasiformis Indian plum White March-April
Philadelphus lewisii var. gordonianus Lewis' Mock Orange White June
Ribes lobbii Gummy gooseberry Scarlett/Pink June
Ribes sanguineum Red flowering currant Scarlett/Pink March-May
Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose Purple/Pink May-June
Rubus parviflorus Thimbleberry White May-June
Rubus spectabilis Salmonberry Pink/Purple April-May
Symphoricarpos albus Common snowberry Pink/White May-June
Vaccinium ovatum Evergreen huckleberry Pink/White April-July
Latin Name Common Name Flower Colour Bloom Time
Acer circinatum Vines Maple White May
Malus fusca Pacific Crabapple Pink/White April-May
Latin Name Common Name Flower Colour Bloom Time
Lonicera ciliosa Western Trumpet Honeysuckle Orange May
Lonicera dioica Glaucus Honeysuckle Red May-July