How you can help

You can participate in hummingbird research in several ways:

  • ★ Become a member of the Hummingbird Project
  • ★ Keep track of the first date that you see hummingbirds at your feeders in the spring (April - May) and report it by email or letter
  • ★ Keep track of the last date that you see hummingbirds at your feeders in the fall (September - October)
  • ★ Count the highest number of hummingbirds that you see at one time at your feeder each day during migration and the time of day. Download our handy Feeder Watch form!
  • ★ Report nesting activity and numbers of hummingbirds visiting your feeders during the breeding season (June - August)
  • ★ Report vagrant hummingbirds (at any time of year) or out-of-season hummingbirds (after October 15 and before April 15) immediately
  • ★ Look for the hummingbirds if you are travelling in parts of Canada north of the TransCanada Highway and report the date and location
  • ★ Offer to have more intensive research done on your property
  • ★ Suggest or recommend hummingbird plants for your area

Your information can be reported by email at, or by printing any of the reporting forms and mailing them to:

Hummingbirds Canada
c/o Cindy Cartwright
581 High Street
Southampton, Ontario
N0H 2L0

You can also help by making a donation to help continue this important research. We do not receive any government funding and the annual cost of gas and living expenses while conducting research during the summer months is over $20,000.

If you would like to help fund our research, cheques should be made payable to "The Hummingbird Project" and mailed to the address above.