The internet is an amazing source of information on hundreds of topics including hummingbirds. Unfortunately, not all the information is accurate and some of it is actually harmful to hummingbirds. It would be a full time job keeping track of all the websites, making sure that they are up to date and accurate so we only include links that we know contain accurate information from the good sources.

Although these researchers are good friends with our lead researcher, Cindy Cartwright, there will occasionally be information on their sites that is specific to the United States and may be slightly different than research results in Canada.
Lanny Chambers is a hummingbird researcher in Missouri who shares sightings and other information with Hummingbirds Canada.
The Great Lakes HummerNet
Allen Chartier is a Michigan based hummingbird researcher who collaborates with Hummingbirds Canada.
Sheri L. Williamson
Sheri Williamson studies hummingbirds in Arizona and is the author of the Peterson Field Guide to Hummingbirds.