Feeder Watch

Download Feeder Watch Form

There are several ways to complete the Feeder Watch:

  • Watch your feeders for a 15 minute period and count every hummingbird that you see during this time. If possible, keep separate totals for males and females. This can be done daily, once a week, or whenever you have time.
  • Another method is to simply count the maximum number of hummingbirds that you see at any point during the day.

Collect your information by downloading and printing our handy Feeder Watch form. At the end of the summer you can mail the form to:

Hummingbirds Canada
c/o Cindy Cartwright
581 High Street
Southampton, Ontario
N0H 2L0

You can also submit your data by creating an Excel spreadsheet and sending it by e-mail to hummingbirds@bmts.com.