Welcome to Hummingbirds Canada!

The overarching goal of Hummingbirds Canada is to encourage and support hummingbird research and education throughout Canada. Some of our specific goals include:

  • Identifying migration routes and peak migration dates
  • Defining the northern limits of the breeding range
  • Studying the nesting cycle
  • Collecting information on nesting locations, popular estimates, reproduction rates and birds returning to the same locality each year
  • Documenting spring arrival and fall departure dates
  • Locating concentration points
  • Documenting rare species visiting each province

"Had I devoted myself to birds, their lives and plumage, I might have produced something worth doing."

John Ruskin

News and Events

  • Humming Along...

    Join us at various locations throughout Canada as we share information about hummingbirds through displays, children's activities and interactive discussions. If the weather and the hummingbirds cooperate, there will be opportunities to see the hummingbirds up close and personal during banding demonstrations.
  • July 2017(exact dates to be determined)

    Lead researcher Cindy Cartwright will be in PEI giving presentations and conducting research. Cindy is looking for new Hummer Hosts in PEI. Several hummingbirds originally banded here in 2015 were recaptured in excellent health in 2016. Cindy will be working with the Island Nature Trust again this year.

    Cindy will return to Newfoundland and will be giving presentations and conducting the annual research that she started in 2012.
  • Saskatchewan has a two hummingbird banders!

    Ron Jensen joined Cindy Cartwright at a training session in August 2015 to reinforce his newly acquired skills and learn about Ruby-throated Hummingbirds after receiving his banding permit in BC.

    Jared Clarke, an experienced bander from southern Saskatchewan had been catching hummingbirds at his MAPS station but couldn’t band them because he didn’t have a hummingbird endorsement on his permit. So in August 2016, he was successfully trained in hummingbird banding techniques and making hummingbird bands. A testimonial (recommendation) was sent to the Canadian Bird Banding Office in Ottawa so a hummingbird endorsement can be added to his existing banding permit for the 2017 season.

    Both Ron and Jared can be contacted through Hummingbirds Canada.
  • "Cindy Cartwright works to band hummingbirds on P.E.I." | July 16, 2015 - CBC

    CBC did a spot on Cindy banding hummingbirds while in P.E.I. You can watch the video of Cindy banding birds here, or watch the entire segment shown during the CBC Compass newscast on July 16th here (segment starts at 16:55).